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Lake Francis Case

Fishing Report

May 20th, 2019

Lake Francis Case fishing has been very good all over the place. Trolling Flicker Shads in 20-30'fow has been productive around the Platte area. Also places like Tujens North of Platte (Hwy. 44) has a lot of nice fish caught on bouncers and Slowdeath rigs.  If the wind blows look for these fish to move up shallow and pitch jigs to the bluffs.  Further up river near the White River the bite has been good as well.  Trolling once again is putting numbers in the boat but lots of small fish to filter through.  If your not catching fish you need to move until you get on active fish. They are all over and biting good. Some day's are better than others with the inconsistent weather he have been having has the fish acting funny.

April 11th, 2019

Lake Francis Case has been good so far this spring but the opportunity to fish has just really begun. The best bite has been up near the Fort Thompson Dam as most of the lake near Chamberlain has been iced over. The River is fully open now and the fish are migrating to spawn around Chamberlain. Anglers have been having good success from the shorelines in the evening pitching jigs and minnows as well as plastics. Shallow stick baits work well for working the rocky shores in the evening. Boats are fishing relatively deep with Jigs and minnows or shiners. Slip drifting with the current or pitching jigs are all working well. I like to focus on the North side shorelines in the shallows and pursue the bigger females this time of year. But a good bite of eaters can easily be had just about anywhere in the Chamberlain area. Just keep moving until you find an active pod of fish and stick with them.

May 25th, 2018

Francis Case bite is on fire! now is the time to be fishing if you're looking for an action-packed day. The fish are starting to go very well out of Dock 44 and south.  Elm creek south to the mid-lake area is very productive as well. Fish are shallow so pitching jigs up to the high bluffs is working well. Pulling bottom bouncers across points will definitely put fish in the boat. Trolling smaller crankbaits like Flicker shads #5 and #7 flicker minnows up shallow is working as well. Fish the windblown side if possible for best odds.  (two johns) Platte Creek, Elm Creek area are all holding lots of fish right now. 

April 18th, 2017

The bite has been pretty good all spring up around the Chamberlain area of Lake Francis Case. Weekday's are usually better with increased water flows coming from the dam and less boat traffic. If we get a few day's of stable weather the bite really picks up but it's spring and that can be hard to come by. I took a couple gentlemen out the other day and we trolled cranks near Carpenters Bluffs up in 8-16fow and only caught a few fish. This is the area the annual cedar shores tourney was won the previous week. We then moved up stream near Crow Creek and jibed 3/16oz Northland tackle fireball jigs  tipped with a minnow in 12'-14' fow and were able to pick up a limit fairly easy of 15"-20" walleyes.  The bite is good pretty much from top to bottom of Francis case just have to move around a bit to find the active fish for that time and day. The spawn is in full affect so don't hesitate to go shallow. 

March 24th, 2018

The bite has been pretty good out of Chamberlain, SD. American Creek boat ramp and the Marina ramps are now both open. The jig and minnow bite has been steady in 15-25fow as well as trolling crankbaits on lead core line in 25-35fow.  As the day warms up look for fish in a bit shallower 8-12fow and try pitching jig and minnow or jig and gulp.  Crow Creek, Kiowa flats have all been good areas. Trolling cranks around the bridges has also produced some good fish. The fish are healthy and feisty.  Dress warm and plan for a crowd at the dock as it's been packed. 

May 10th, 2016

When the weather is good the bite is good. Lots of up and down in temps but it apears that spring is here. Walleye are still holding up in crow creek area but majority of the fish has migrated down south to Two Johns and Kiners. Pulling cranks on lead as well as bottom bouncers are working well. Pitching jigs up shallow can be very productive as well. Look for walleye's up in the warm water coves up shallow feeding. They may slide out a little deeper durring the mid day wiht over head sun. Keep moving until you find active fish once you do stay on them and you can get a limit quick. The fish are healthy with lots of 17-18" eyes out there. The smallmouth bass are taking off as well so dont be suprised if you get into some of those when pitching up shallow they can be a great change up from walleye fishing and are blast to catch.

June 6th, 2016

The bite has been pretty solid most of the year especially when the weather coporates. Walleye and Small mouth can still be caught pitching jigs up shallow or along the bluffs. This has produced some of the bigger fish for me. 3" Gulp minnows are working well so are the white gulp grubs. The Grubs pulled on a plain hook behind a bottom bouncer is one of my go to methods for fishing here. There are alot of small fish going in the system right now and the grub doesnt get bit off by the little ones allowing the bigger ones a chance to bite.  Crawlers pulled on RipNRoll's is working great as well. There are some fish that have moved out to the trees allready so pulling cranks on leadcore or ussing downriggers can get your bait in the right spot. Red Rocks has been holding fish, Spring Creek  and almost any point on a windy day will have some fish. The fish continue to migrate south so look for the Wetstone and Pease creek bit beging to take off over the next few weeks.

March 11, 2015

The ice is gone and the fishing is on at Fort Randall in Pickstown, SD. As always during this time of year the while we await the Lake to Un-thaw the river is open and the Walleye are starting to bite. The South boat ramp bay is open but the dock was not in place as of March 8th, The bite has varied from day to day dependent on the amount of water being released. The more water the better the bite and expect a better bite in mid day as the water warms.  Jig and minnow are the primary technique. I would suggest adding a fluorocarbon leader to your line as the water clarity is approx. 10’. Expect this bite to pick up this week with the very warm weather we are having. 

April 7th, 2015

The bite continues to be pretty good with various sizes of Walleye and Suger being brought in. Most fish are coming from around the Chamberlin area with some of the larger fish being caught south of there. Several tournaments will be kicking off over the next two weeks around the Chamberlin area so expect to hear of some detail reports. Crankbaits or jig and minnow are the baits of choice currently. 

April 15th, 2015

Fished Chamberlain last weekend. The bite is steady if you can find the fish. Looks like the walleye have started migrating south of Chamberlain  towards Platte with a few walleye still being caught north of Chamberlain. A few tournaments have taken place with decent fish coming in and the biggest tourney of the year in this area will kick off saturday and is expecting lots of fish to be brought to the scales. Lots of water to cover so pulling cranks is the method of choice. 

April 20th, 2015

Fished Chamberlain Cedar Shores tournament and Francis Case lake annual tourney past weekend. A fair number of little fish caught throughout the system with fairly easy limits coming up north of town. larger fish being caught down south of the White River too (TwoJohns) Bigger fish appear to be hanging a bit shallower 8'-12'. Pulling cranks on leadcore was the prefference for most all anglers. Look for these fish to continue to migrate south for the summer. Most of the spawning activity has completed but a few are still holdling eggs. Water 49-52 in most places. 

April 28th, 2015

Haven't fished Francis Case in the past week but reports from friends that have is that the bite has been slow. You can still scrape together a limit of small walleye north of Chamberlain in some of the community holes but most of the walleye have migrated south. (Too-Jons) is holding some fish but they are off and on. Most any of the flats from Carpenters south have fish on them but the bite hasn't been very consistent.  We have had excellent weather the past few day's and it looks like a great extended forecast so this could be the week it takes off. Most of these walleye have finished up the spawn and are looking to eat. Find bait you should find fish. 

May 26th, 2015

Fished Francis Case on Memorial Day with minimal success. Saw lots of boats but not many fish. Only got a few hours in before the storms hit but did manage a couple keepers and a couple shorts. The fish are pretty spread out along the whole system. I fished the points near flats and had my best luck in 14'-19' FOW pulling spinners and Rip-N Roll rigs with a crawler. Water temp was 60 and very clear probably 6' at least. I fished from Platte to Whetstone Bay and found fish all the way down. This system is big so if you dont mark any fish move until you do. The bite has been good up here but the weather has been up and down a lot slowing things down a bit but if you stay on the go you can find the active fish.


June 9th,  2015

The bite is hot and limits are coming in easy.  Pulling bouncers and spinners with a crawler harness or Rip-N Roll are very effective. Pulling cranks up stream is working too.  Fish are  being caught anywhere in that 5-10fow ranger as well as deeper in the 15-19fow range off the points from Platte down to Whetstone bay. This bite will continue for a while so expect some good fishing but not lots of size.

June 18th, 2015

The bite at Francis Case near Platte are and south has really turned on. Lots of fish are being caught pulling cranks over trees, bouncers with RipNroll and Spinners with crawlers as well as rigging on the flats and points are all effective methods right now for putting a limit of eyes in the boats. Some good water has been coming down stream lately so it has made things a little bit muddy so look for that cleaner water or adjust your method and speed in the mirky water and you should do just fine.

July 15th, 2015

The weather is hot and the fish are moving deeper. Big fish can be found over submerged trees about anywhere you can find the. Nice limits are coming in from the main lake points and coves pulling bouncers with Rip-N Roll's with crawler or pulling spinners.