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December 11, 2013



It’s that time of year again when we all look back on what 2013 had in store for us.  I’m sure for many people it was a year full of joy with new Babies (baby McGannon), weddings, great fishing and many life celebrations. While most everyone had to deal with some sort of less joy full experience this past year albeit a loss of a loved one, loss of job or just a getting skunked while on your annual fishing trip.  None the less we all experience good with the bad each year and it’s what develops who we are and who we will become and we should all be grateful for the opportunity to live through our experiences and to pass on the wisdom to others.

     2013 definitely had a twist of all of the above for me as I left on Dec 3 to Gulfport MS to prepare for an upcoming deployment to Afghanistan, after 3 months of training the day finally came to fly over the big pond to the Middle East.  After Six months of extreme temperatures, dust in everything and in places you can’t imagine and what seemed like endless days and hours of work I was finally back in Nebraska.  Let me tell you, Nebraska truly is the “Good life” so if you don’t believe that just head over to the Middle East for a few months and let me know how you feel then. 

   The hardest part of being away for me was the missed experiences and opportunities of 2013 that I will never get a chance to have back. The day’s spent on the water fishing with my friends and their kids (my favorite days), day’s spent guiding great clients and the excitement and challenge of fishing tournaments.  You truly step back and “Reflect” on what’s important to you at a time like that and I feel that most of us take things for granted until it’s too late. I know I certainly do my best to be a good steward of the outdoors but I also feel I can always do better and get more people involved and help other ‘s understand the joys of nature and to respect and care for our Water and Lands for our future generations to enjoy.  When you go Six months without seeing a river, reservoir, trees and green grass you realize how much those little things like the sound of a river or stream flowing through the valley’s of Nebraska on a cool spring morning or watching the fog lift off a reservoir just before the beautiful sound of several dozen 200hp Mercury motors rev up to take off in search of that 20lb stringer of walleye and most of all the laughs and smiles of those young  kids as they reel in the big one ,since the kids always catch the biggest fish for some reason.

   I can’t get these moments back but I can certainly not forget that these are the things that make this country great in spite of all the political clout we’re currently experiencing.  As the mentors and leaders to our youth it’s paramount that we remember this and take every opportunity to “pass it on” just as it was to us.  Fortunately, I am blessed with great friends that enjoy the outdoors as much as I do and was able to connect through Social media and email to see their adventures unfold this past year while I was away. This kept my hope alive knowing that soon I will be with them again creating more memories and hopefully impacting the future generations.    Gladly I was home in time for some great fall fishing and hunting, and it was one to remember.  I spent about two months on the water or in the woods and didn’t let a single day slip away due to bad weather or lack of motivation as I always think of it as “it may be my last chance I get to do this”.  And I truly can’t think of anything more therapeutic then being on the water all day or sitting in a tree for several hours surrounded by the sounds of nature and most importantly NOT the sounds of F16’s and Blackhawks flying overhead or non-stop sirens and rockets going off and the constant movement of heavy equipment coming and going.  These past two months were greatly needed and well received as I have never had so much success deer hunting and the fishing produced big walleye week after week.  But the most important thing was just taking the time to be outside enjoying the freedom of doing what I love and sharing it with others.  I met new people and made new friends to spend more time on the water with this spring and I can’t wait to get out there!

As we close out 2013 take a moment to “Reflect” on what you did this past year to pass it on to our future generation. Think about those memories made and how you plan on making new ones in 2014. Be thankful for the times spent in the outdoors and mindful of the times missed. Treat each opportunity as your last and make the most of it. The Walleye Guy’s is more than just a guide service we are here to help you make those memories and enjoy the most of your day on the water by taking the where, when and how out of the question for you.  Just sit back and “Get Hooked”

Written by: Brian Bashore

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