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Time To Repair or Replace Your Gear

It's that time of year again when Old Man Winter is beginning to settle in and leaving many of us that are in the Ice belt lingering for the open water days ahead. There is no better time to check and prepare or repair your gear for the upcoming season than during these cold winter days.

As hardy and reliable as Off Shore Tackle Planer boards are they are still a product that gets used heavily and can occasionally have parts that get worn out and or broken that need to be replaced.

A couple of key areas to look over and replace if need be would be the pads on the OR19 releases. These pads get worn out over time and your line may slip through easier than you want. Replacing these pads is very simple and you can get them in a pack of 16. Another area I tend to keep an eye on, mainly due to the boards bouncing around in my boat so much is the 6/32 nylon nuts. These are the nuts that hold the top release on. I usually find them lying in the bottom of the boat but I always have a bag of spare parts with me. Tattle flag springs and the HD wire that connects to them are also a couple of items that can take a beating and should be tested throughout the year to ensure they are not bent and are running smoothly so you don't miss another bite. All these parts litterally take seconds to replace if you have the proper part on hand.

The great thing about Off Shore Tackle Palner boards is that they are hardy and durable and unless you lose one, run it over, or are the unfortunate victim of someone who thinks they need it worse than you, very seldom do you need to replace them. But taking care of them can ensure they last a lifetime and the geniuses that the DeShano family are new this and have made replacement parts for sale on the Off shore Tackle website to fix any issue that may arise.

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